MappedSwap’s 800,000 MST Giveaway Campaign: Complete Step by Step Guide

Campaign 1: MappedSwap 800,000 MST

In campaign 1, participants must complete two objectives, one involving social media and the other a video. After completing these two tasks, individuals will receive 12 MST within 24 hours.

MST is found on the MappedSwap Protocol referral page.

Task 1: Like, retweet, and tag three friends

Task 2: Identify the code in the video (follow Twitter and Telegram for hints!)

Campaign 2: MappedSwap 200,000 Win Prize Pool

Trade to stay on top of the leaderboard and win 200,000 MST. In a month, users can accomplish tasks in campaign 2 to earn up to 550 MST and 5 USDM.

Task 1: Tweet referral code

Task 2: Amass trade figures to 1,000 USD

Task 3: Trade and keep Cumulative Profit at 10,000 USD

Campaign 1

This offer is limited to 50,000 correct answers. To qualify, users must complete all tasks and submit them on

  • One wallet address equals ONE entry. For bots not to steal assigned MSTs, registered wallets should contain a minimum of 0.01 ETH in wBTC, ETH, USDC, and USDT.
  • Every day at 10:00 am UTC+8, CoinMarketCap determines the combined minimum value of 0.01 ETH.
  • Our team will cross-check all submissions for errors or omissions. The entry is disqualified.
  • Incorrect entries will not be acknowledged. If all information is correct, winners will be notified.
  • Winners will be notified within 24 hours. All accurate submissions will receive 12 MST.
  • Users must only submit Metamask and Eurus Wallet addresses to connect to MappedSwap.

Campaign 2

Campaign 2 can be found on

All task rewards

  • Task 1 has 10,000 openings
  • Task 2 has 4,000 openings
  • Task 3 has 1,000 openings

Task 1: A referral code is produced automatically on the MappedSwap referral page for each user. To qualify for the task, the user must share their referral code and link via their Twitter account and submit a screen capture via a Google form found in the campaign site. Our team has 24 hours to check your Twitter message. Non-qualifying duplicate wallet addresses.

Qualified users will receive USDM transferred into their MappedSwap Account.

If bots are to avoid stealing assigned USDMs and MSTs, connected wallets should contain a minimum of 0.01 ETH of the following currencies (wBTC, ETH, USDC, USDT). Every day at 10:00 am UTC+8, CoinMarketCap determines the combined minimum value of 0.01 ETH.

Task 2: Accumulative trade refers to the total amount of trade made commencing April 13, 2022. Only one reward per wallet address.

Task 3: The Cumulative Profit value must be at least 10,000 USD to qualify for the MST prize. This computation will only work on April 28, 2022, at 10 pm, UTC+8. They will reward qualified users the next day.

Participants who complete Tasks 2 and 3 will automatically enter the leaderboard race for 200,000 MST.

Leaderboard competition is based on Cumulative Profit value. The bigger the value the higher the competition it is accessed via Settings.


Task 1: Assume task 1 based on the timing of the image capture in Google Form.

Task 2: First to accumulate 1,000 USD worth of trades throughout the campaign duration (assuming wallet balance is kept above 0.01 ETH token values on Ethereum mainnet).

Task 3: Complete trades and maintain profit above 10,000 USD until 28 April, 10pm UTC +8, to win 500 MST.

  • All MSTs are staked into your MappedSwap account
  • USDM prizes will be credited to your MappedSwap Account
  • Unstacking MST results in a seven-day withdrawal time
  • Post-campaign, you will process leaderboard rewards in 3 days

Aspects of campaigns

  • Providing over 800,000 MST (each MST valued at 1 USD approximate)
  • Users get MST referrals and staking rebates
  • Reducing the entry barrier for new users and referrers to earn MST
  • Increase trading and earning opportunities for users by promoting leveraged margin trading
  • Increase your revenue by sharing your unique referral code with your audiences
  • Complete the tasks of Twitter sharing and find the mystery code to get personalised referral code.

What is the Trade Value?

1,000 USD includes all tokens from MappedSwap, BTCM, ETHM, and USDM. Users can get the incentive if they meet the criteria during the promotional time. 50 MST will be staked into your referral page when the criterion is met. First come, first serve 4,000 users.

10,000 USD includes all tokens from MappedSwap, BTCM, ETHM, and USDM. But the giveaway will be a result of trading from 13 April to 28 April. Users will receive 500 MST will be staked into your referral page. First come, first serve 1,000 users.


The 200,000 MST prize pool will have 20 winners. The first winner gets 20% of 200,000. Results begin tabulating on April 13, 2022. If you finish task 2, you’ve started the race. The chart only shows the top 20 Absolute Profits and updates every 15 minutes. Due to privacy concerns, only partial wallet addresses will be shown.



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